Written by Gheed Al-Nassan Digital Analyst for Armada Marketing

    Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

    1- The future is digitally based:

    Digital marketing has been growing rapidly since the 1980’s. The internet has been able to single-handedly revolutionize the way humans send and receive information to each other. Thus, forcing marketers to reconsider their use of old traditional methods of marketing such as telemarketing, radio and broadcast. The digital space has now become the prime way for businesses to showcase their ideas and personalities. Why is that, you ask? Well, it’s mainly a direct result of everyone being on the internet, at all times in this era. It has been predicted that “people will spend more time online than watching tv” (Mola, Rani.“Next year, people will spend more time online they will watching tv. That’s a fact”. Recode, 8 June 2018, https://www.recode.net/2018/6/8/17441288/internet-time-spent-tv-zenith-data-media). Which, goes to show how our lives are so powerfully influenced by the internet. At this current accelerating rate of internet usage, it would be sensible to predict that in twenty years from now, most things will probably be replaced by the internet. BBC writer Tom Chatfield mentions that “The internet has become like electricity: essential, ubiquitous and invisible” (Chatfield, Tom. “It has fast become antiquated to say that “you go online”. BBC, 28 March 2016, http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160327-it-has-fast-become-antiquated-to-say-that-you-go-online). This is important to make note of, because it really does depict our reality of an internet dominated world. Since everyone is on the internet these days, a digital marketing strategy will boost your business’s connections and success. Our course at Armada Academy will help you acquire the methods and skills required to do so.

    2- There’s no quicker way to reach out to the largest number of people of all ages:

    Following point #1, the internet is the only medium on this planet (that we know of) that is able to virtually connect as many humans as it does…simply through wifi. Statistics report that the estimated number of internet users around the world is close to 3.2 billion people. That’s almost half of the world’s population of 7 billion people (crazy, eh!). This makes a clear suggestion of not only the large amount of internet users, but also that the digital world is your surefire method of reaching out to a significantly large number of people (3.2 BILLION people). A key factor of digital marketing is your clients. If your clients are spending most of their time online, then it would be ideal for you to try to connect with them on that level. This allows your clients to be able to relate to what you do. After all, the internet guarantees two things to any user: 1) a free space where information can be seen and shared by anyone 2) speed regarding sharing information and communicating with people. As a result of these two guarantees, digital marketing gives businesses the chance to expand their audiences and strengthen their connection to them. Furthermore, another reason to why online marketing is the way to go because you can publish your content and have it reach other peoples’ screens in a matter of seconds (it’s true; think of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

    3- Digital Marketing guarantees efficiency:

    Posting about your business online is the quickest way to help your customers keep up to date with all your latest news and information. Since people spend the majority of their free time online (as mentioned above). This is due to the fact that, the internet has evolved into a way of life that everyone opts into because it’s more efficient. media account. This process is also quite simple for you, because the online world makes life easier by default for everyone. Furthermore, since we’re living in a digital age, people would prefer to have their questions or concerns answered online than on the phone. This saves them both time and effort. Putting yourself out on the internet also helps you connect with other professionals in the industry which could open up potential business doors for you. The beauty of the internet is that the sky’s the limit, you can gain a lot of clients and opportunities just by engaging with an online audience. However, there are certain skills and tools you must be well versed with, in order to fully benefit from having an online presence. That’s where you’ll need our help at Armada Academy.

    4- Digital Marketing helps with building a strong relationship with your audience:

    This is beneficial because by interacting with your clients online, you would be able to exactly figure out what they would like for you to focus on. Your businesses’s success is based on how pleased your customers are with your service. Therefore, it’s crucial to hear feedback directly from them. Furthermore, customers usually tend to feel more comfortable when they can connect with a business on a personal level. Who would want to use a service ran by people who either seem to be unavailable or robotic? Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are essential to digital marketers all over the world because of the heavy traffic these platforms receive on a minute by minute basis.

    5- It is cost-effective:

    We live in a world where we are seeing an incredibly quick growth in the accessibility of digital applications for different purposes (some examples: Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Asana, etc..). The online world accommodates people by not being as expensive as traditional marketing methods once were. The cost of marketing your business online is nothing compared to what people used to pay for print and tv mediums to showcase their work. Nowadays, most digital marketing softwares are mostly completely free (depending on what version you want to use). Our course at Armada Academy offers extensive training on using the best softwares in the market to promote your business. This is because, our teachers are current professionals in the industry. Basically, they know exactly what strategies and skills need to be taught in order for you to take this next stop of getting involved with digital marketing.