Written by Gheed Al-Nassan, Digital Analyst for Armada Marketing

If you’re running a business with a team working with you, how great of a boss you are will ultimately add to the success of it. Here’s the catch though, to be a good boss, you should probably completely veer away from being a boss. John C. Maxwell once said “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. Company owners who lead their team instead of simply instructing them on what to do, are true examples of what enterpreunership is all about.

Certainly, every CEO out there is aware of the fact that their companies wouldn’t be running as smoothly as it is if it weren’t for their employees who are running it. Leading your employees through your company’s journey is valuable because it will help them and your company reach their fullest potential. How you may ask? Well, here is our list of reasons to why you need to work on and implement your leadership strategy in order to bring success to your team & company:

1. Leaders are driven individuals who guide their team with decision making. Leaders make the decision making process a lot less complicated, by taking charge of the role while making sure their best interest is taken into consideration. It can be hard for a group of different people to come up with a unified decision. Part of a leader’s job is to be able to effectively guide their team towards a solid and collective decision.

2. As humans – we are social creatures, which means that we have to interact and socialize with each other to survive. It is part of our nature. Our brains are constructed in a way that makes human interactions affect our brains and excite them on deep neurological and psychological levels. For example, our brains contain a kind of neutron called “mirror neurons”, by which is one of the most fundamental tool we use to learn. These neurons are responsible for our ability to learn by seeing, and then doing. They are the reason to to why imitation is literally how we have been functioning since being infants. Therefore, if you have a team of employees working for you then by being a good leader and expressing qualities that bring out positive traits, it will eventually attract their mirror neurons to learn that from you.

3. A leader is an expert at bringing people together and guiding them towards being more focused and aware of what needs to be done. Your role as the owner of a business is an important one because only you understand what the goals are for your business so your advice and direction will make it easier for your team to work towards them.
If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this article, it’s that it is imperative for business owners to focus on optimizing their leadership role if they are running a team. This is because your businesses’s success heavily depends on your ability to successfully lead a team.