In this sense, we can say that it is a first-person shooter game where the objective is to survive as long as possible. Percentage damage melts him so biggame Cassie is a good choice. Show More. Deployables are somewhat of a counter to Moji because they can block your 1000 damage. Also other then just stunning him a lot to avoid him being unkillable, play high mobility characters and be unpredictable (long range sucks when he can just charge you sooo avoid squishy snipers unless you have mobility like kinesa with transport)... Do To Ruam's 75% resistance while charging, stacked on top of his potential 4000 soul armor from soul harvest, and 750 additional max health (from sinister allies) implies ruam can stay at a consistent 9250 to 16,187.5 hp... Sooo, Stun him ALOT.... Don't just mindlessly CC him. I'm not kidding, Moji eats Raum … Raised to shoot straight and survive the harsh winters of the frontier, Tyra signed on with the Magistrate army at a young age. After the Sentinels' disastrous final mission, she returned to her homeland to make a living tracking down the monstrous threats to the common folk that lurked beyond the fringes of the Realm. Raum is a Frontline specifically designed to mow down enemies at short range. Dredge is arguably the biggest winner of the patch, with the damage of his Kraken ultimate nearly doubling, from 1400 to 2500. Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! We have detailed discussions of champions … His skill Ignition fully spins his Hellfire Gatling up, which allows him to fight back if he is attacked without his Hellfire Gatling spun up. The soul armour is just another healthbar but it doesn't get affected by cauterize . Consumed by burning conflict, tempered in the Abyss, his purpose is clear — annihilation. Raum is an exceptional point tank and uniquely difficult to counter with traditional means like Wrecker and Cauterize. When firing his minigun, Raum slows down to 50 percent movement speed, which makes him even easier to hit. Generally it misses a lot of direct counters for Raum. Be the first to submit a counter tip! Last game I killed the other teams flankers and healer, and so my entire team focused on the raum wich was, Koga (I had caut as koga), Kinessa and furia. But he is also a giant target – literally, as he has the largest champion model in Paladins. Consumed by burning conflict, tempered in the Abyss, his purpose is clear -- annihilation. Tips. A youtuber collected all of the stuffs can counter him, but you can easily find out after you got to know his kit: has high max HP, has self slow while firing, need to attack to rise his self sustain. He is Raum, Rage of the Abyss. he is such a nuisance to fight against and really takes a lot of pressure off the rest of the team when used properly, allowing them to shine. New Fellow player said it was affected by wrecker but I told them it wasn’t because it’s treated like a separate health bar and his health can go over 8k. Whether you wish to … It's weird that Raum, a lord of the abyss, is countered by a magical bunny with a two-headed lizard. This means: Every vote counts. It seems the Paladins balance team is focusing on opening up counter-play options this time around, and that’s always a good thing. Raum is simply OP, he can simply tank too much while being good at dishing out decent damage.with a healer healing him and with his soul armor you can be doing like 8,000+ damage to a raum and he still wont die. 881. Connect Power up your server! Keep noted this is entirely in my opinion and I'm just simply pointing you the direction. Champions Willo, Androxus, and Dredge will also see slight tweaks. Paladins is set to expand its roster with Raum, a demonic-themed heavy that sits somewhere between Hellboy and one of the bad guys in DOOM … Pip is similar as his ult disregards the amount of current hp and soul armor. Got into a discussion in a game over Raum’s soul armor. Raum relies on his soul armor and his soul harvest gives him good sustain on the soul armor. Moji - ult is insta kill (if you catch the cookie) no matter the HP or soul armor. All of that to ask is Raum’s soul armor affected by wrecker? Your fire pierces, though, so it may not be that much of an issue. Player claimed having wrecker put bonus damage on Raum. Pretty please with sugar on top! Home Welcome to PaladinsCounter, your number one source for counterpicks, champion tips and Paladins information! His second skill, Juggernaut, makes Raum rush forward and deal 700 dam… An educational subreddit for Paladins (online team shooter game by Hi-Rez Studios). Equipped with some of the most advanced crystal-poweredweaponry ever created, she joins the battle not to prove herself or to follow orders, but to find and silence the lone witn… WTF!? But Drogoz does the same and is not here. Press J to jump to the feed. Do To Ruam's 75% resistance while charging, stacked on top of his potential 4000 soul armor from soul harvest, and 750 additional max health (from sinister allies) implies ruam can stay at … Paladins‘ newest frontline champion, Raum, has been out for only a week, and he already has a place in the competitive meta.Hi-Rez recently sat down with Paladins pro players from teams Envy, Kanga Esports, Pittsburgh Knights, and NiP to talk about how they like to run Raum. Nope. Be the first to submit a counter tip! The percentage heath works this way: “soul armor in not counted toward your max health pool”, Assuming 4500 base and 4000 soul armor, so 8500 health total, -lex will ult-kill you if you fall under 2925 health, -street justice will execute you if you fall under 1575 health, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PaladinsAcademy community. 794. Tons of things counter him, only those players can't counter him who hasn't got the game sense. Braum goes Well With. Before speaking properly about the Paladins tier list , it is important to know the essence of the game as such.After all, this guide is for the general public who have a desire to try their luck with Paladins .. as you said, raum is pretty good but has a lot of counters, and can't work with any support as well I'm not sure if he's better played as offtank or point lmao, probably point but his dash is really good, could be offtank but doesn't have any shield and his I don't care about caut is probably best for point Check the sidebar for guides and resources. Rapidly rising through the ranks of the Magistrate, Vivian's clever, persistent scheming got her appointed to the Deepwerksfacility, where she was the first to recognize the military potential of the research they were conducting. Anyone scheming against him has a tendency to vanish in the middle of the night, while those who confront him directly meet their doom at the end of his wicked flaming sword. He is wrath. Azir. Though to be fair if he wasn't, he'd be broke as f*** right now. (NEW SKIN) - League of Legends - Duration: 35:47. foggedftw2 Recommended for you. Browse champions and decks to find the best loadout for every champion! His first ability, Soul harvest, collects all Soul Fragment, giving him 2000 armor, which stacks up to 4000 armor in total for each Soul Fragment. It's been a while since I've done one of these, so long that I forgot to tell you guys to vote for who you want a Counter video on next. -A good Raum is very difficult to deal with due to how effectively he can dive backlines, get a pick, and get out without dying. raum primarily is just bad because you have to put your full attention to running from him, he's too tanky for you to actually out dps him. He boasts something like 9k hp at full soul armor, has a minigun that is perfect for spreading cauterize, and of course boasts one of the current best forms of sustain in the meta- Juggernaut. So please do that in the comments below! I was running big game Cassie and melting him. Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! PaladinsCounter is a community page that crowd-sources information about Paladins countertips, matchups, picks and champions. Here, the strengths and weaknesses of all Paladins champions and possible matchups are collected by crowdsourcing and community-voting. Add Another Opponent. What's Paladins? Add our Discord bot to your communities' server to get the power of PaladinsGuru right in Discord. Wait until the animation starts and then CC him to shut it down completely. Paladins - Raum Character Guide (How to Play and Defeat) Written by Merim / Nov 15, 2019 In this guide I'll explain how to play and defeat Raum. Her unyielding stamina and pinpoint accuracy with the rifle serve her well in her new role: helping the Resistancefight back against the Magistrate and bring an end to the war that rages across the Realm. By the time he was a man, he'd won the loyalty of enough thieves, assassins, and corrupt bureaucrats to build his own shadowy empire: the Thousand Hands Guild. I just think the player was mistaking Raum’s health going down so fast because I was melting him and doing 1200-1500 damage a shot to him lol. @roiwtto999 A full HP Raum is 3s for my Skye. Raum really is quite easy to counter, in fact he's probably the easiest champion in the entire game to counter. Person claimed they looked it up on the internet but you can find all kinds of crap on the internet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He has fought and triumphed over every entity in those war-scarred plains, shattering every soul that stands against his might. He is Raum, Rage of the Abyss. Robbed of his noble lineage, Zhin ruthlessly carved out his own throne atop the criminal underworld. terminus is the one tank who can actually immune your shots with his siphon, also can do a bit of burst like a sniper from far in the end though he has range ONE AUTO = +3000 HEALTH GAINED! His Hellfire Gatling shreds at close range, but becomes almost useless at range. We have detailed discussions of champions, maps, strategies, meta, and esports. He is fury. r/PaladinsAcademy: An educational subreddit for Paladins (online team shooter game by Hi-Rez Studios). In the swirling chaos of the war with the Resistance, she sees only the opportunity to advance her station in life. Do To Ruam's 75% resistance while charging, stacked on top of his potential 4000 soul armor from soul harvest, and 750 additional max health (from sinister allies) implies ruam can stay at … Lucian. Spite deals 25% of its target's maximum Health with each hit, and Increases your Ultimate charge rate by 15%. Raum is a Front Line Class Champion in Paladins, added on November 6th 2019.1 1 Lore 1.1 Hellfire Gatling 1.2 Ignition 1.3 Juggernaut 1.4 Soul Harvest 1.5 Cataclysm 2 Videos 3 Gallery 4 References All tremble at the mere mention of his name. OLAF IS 100% BROKEN! It has a mid cooldown of 12 secs which you have to take advantage of although, the cooldown can be reduced. What is Paladins? Thanks for the responses! The other champions aren't good enough to counter Raum on their own. Jungler. He refuses to pick a side in the war, as there's more profit to be made playin… That’s what I thought. Once it's over or he walks out of the area, he can just Juggernaut away. Your #1 source for Paladins loadouts. poor raum by Anonymous 3.4 1089 views +9. You just need CC and tank shred. This is based on my own opinion tho. Please disable your adblock on this site. 0 Comments. > Raum on console: Good (because some of his hard-counters/counters are not played much (cassie, BK, etc), in a meta focus on hitscan's characters (which are often ban like tyra/skye/koga/etc), I think that Raum can very well fit in this meta in a good off-tank) Only champions that could (solo) counter Raum, would be Furia, Gronkh, Jenos and Seris. How to counter Braum as Azir. I mean playing him is pretty much ABOUT finding ways to deal with his counters. Guillotine. No tips found. Raum - Raum is a super great late pick if the enemy team isn't running a lot of CC. its not affected by anything, and im not sure yet but i dont think percentage health damage affects it either, a guillotine zhin once ulted me while i had a lot of soul armour and i lived that easily somehow, i dont think its the DR either, maybe a bug?

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