Welcome to Armada Brand

If we’re not making your business look absolutely beautiful, are we truly a marketing company? Here at Armada Marketing, we don’t want to just take your colors and slap them on our designs, we want to take the passion you have for your company and visualize it for everyone to see.

True branding is the ability to showcase your passion, not just your business. We have extensively worked on branding projects since our inception and have consistently strived to visualize as much as we possibly can our client’s vision.

Our Branding services include:

Branding Strategy & Guide – This is the bible of the way your business should be portrayed in all situations, the colors, the styles, the fonts, everything that makes your business yours is within the branding guide.

Logo Design – This is literally the first thing that comes up when someone thinks of your brand, we’re damn sure at making sure it’s memorable.

Template design – Need a common template for all your newsletters or brochure? We will be there to make sure yours is a unique one so that each time someone opens your email, they see a consistent, memorable pattern every single time.

Naming – Just starting out or need to change up your name? We will be there to commit the necessary research that is needed to find a name that’s simple, memorable, and powerful.

Together, let's make your business