Neo Express

A past client with beautiful results from Armada Marketing Digital Marketing services

Neo Express is an Ottawa-based intercity transportation startup. It provides rides between cities in Ontario and Quebec. This company needed a full marketing service and was invested in fully utilizing Social Media avenues in the areas of Facebook paid and organic marketing. Neo Express also needed full branding solutions including fonts, logo, colors, cover photo’s, and Facebook post design.

Facebook Marketing and Branding

Facebook Page Cover Photo

The importance of having a Facebook page for a startup that has the ability to convert visitors to its customers, especially for a transportation company is the absolute key. To accomplish a beautiful Facebook page, the Armada Marketing team first established a cover photo that could entice it’s visitors to making that jump from visitor to customer, this meant designing a cover photo that clearly expressed in a trendy, modern design of the simple, excellent, affordable service it offered. The team put the most commonly visited cities by customers with the simply stated full price underneath. Underneath the price, we have very simple calls to action that this startup has an app on both Android and Google Play with the download links on the description of the cover photo. On the middle and right sides, Armada made custom modern graphics of a van zooming across the road with a beautiful, simple, dark red hypnotic background design. Of course, all of this culminates to the top where the name of the company is in an extra large font.

Facebook Page Description and Links

On the ‘about’ section of the Facebook page, we placed links that directed users to the website for booking their trip. We also placed a mission statement and links to other Neo Express social media. 

Facebook Marketing Figures 

-Over 3000% growth on Facebook reach, reaching over 60,000 targeted users every month since day zero of marketing services just over 3 months ago.
-Over 2300% growth in Facebook engagement, with over 25,000 total engagement across the Neo Express Facebook network.
-Currently at nearly 1000 targeted likes on Facebook, starting at zero. 
-Over 250% increase in monthly revenue since day zero of starting marketing services. 


The beautiful, memorable Neo Express Logo was inspired by the modern trends that focus on simplicity and efficiency. This logo was designed in two parts: 

The top – We knew we had to pick a font that will become the vision of the company, the first thing people see, and the one item that will be used in every single document or graphic or design done for Neo Express, it had to be damn good. The font is “CODE” edited to have slight separation between letters to make it easier to read. Further, the font shows striking features that are hard to miss with the strong edges and modern feel.

The bottom – Knowing that a startup with an app needs to have a logo that looks beautiful when it’s in a consumers phone, we went with a simplistic circle that grows out into a 3-dimensional feel which “glows” when looked at one a smartphone. 

Together, both sides make a culmination of a striking, beautiful logo showing confidence and passion.