armada web design

The first development service Armada Marketing ever provided was web design. Since then, we have learned the answers to the most important question “what makes a good website?”

What we found here at Armada Marketing is that a great website is built when your development team truly listens to exactly what your needs are and implements them appropriately.

This means that the answer to your web design needs depends on:

Industry – Are you a law firm that restricts your company to a certain level of professionalism on your website? On the other hand, are you a crazy new restaurant that wants to get really creative?
Your personal needs – Do you like certain colors? Do you like a certain layout? Do you have specific needs such as making your website friendly to persons with disability?
The future goals and direction of your company – Where is your company headed? Are you planning on growing to a thousand person organization that needs a website with a complete custom backend or do you want to stay a small team with a simplified administrative panel?

Of course, our most important finding is that your human, and that you may need changes, or you may want to spice up the colors or make them more grey, in any case, we have the patience to deal with any complexities that may arise.

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